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Book a Demo


Once you have all your questions answered, and you are sure that:

  • you still have no piano player and have decided you need a regular piano accompaniment tool

  • your decision-makers have reviewed the Church Music Company information

  • the cost of the m.a.c. fits within your budget.

  • and you like the recorded hymns samples you've heard :-)

  • but you and your people want to see it in person before you make the final decision, then...

It's time to schedule a live demo!*

During your live demo we can:

  • use your normal song service (morning or evening service, Sunday or mid-week) to demonstrate the m.a.c.

  • run the song service for you or pre-train your music leader to do so

  • meet any other day of the week with your key people to train, ask questions, hear favorite songs, etc

  • accommodate any other needs you have in order to help you make your final decision, as easy as possible

* Please understand that we will do our best to accommodate any requests for live demonstrations. We are located outside Chattanooga, TN, so there may be limitations to where we can provide a live demonstration. Please contact us for more info.

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