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If you don't see your hymnal pictured above - no worries. 
We have over 30 hymnals indexed in alphabetical order, with page numbers of the available songs. Please note that all songs are NOT available for any hymnal.
If we don't currently have your hymnal indexed, we will do our best to accommodate a request for it. Please contact us for more details.

Members of several denominations helped us in choosing what songs would be included in our Master List of 520 recorded hymns. The result was a list of the most popular and requested songs by most denominations. Most hymnals offer over 200 hymns (some with more), and include wedding, holiday, and even birthday songs! Your m.a.c. will also come with 100 instrumentals useful for prelude and postlude, funerals, or any other time you need beautiful hymns playing in the background.

It's easy to copy and paste hymns and special music into playlists for a particular service, simplifying and de-stressing the music portion of worship time. And, the index allows you to accommodate on-the-spot music requests from your pastor or others in seconds. 
Below, you will find one-minute song samples and a list of indexed hymnals. Click on the hymnal
 name to open a printable file of available songs for that hymnal.

At Calvary.mp3
Victory In Jesus.mp3
Because He Lives.mp3
Blessed Assurance.mp3
What a Friend We Have.mp3
Heaven Came Down.mp3
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