What is the m.a.c.?

m.a.c. - Musical Accompaniment for Church


The m.a.c. is a computer sound system that plays hundreds of specially recorded hymns in mp3 format, housed in a custom, Line-X coated podium ready to use for congregational and choir singing. 


And, It's as easy to use as opening a hymnal!

Included with each m.a.c.:


  • 520 unique piano accompaniments, from various hymnals, chosen from the most popular and requested hymns

  • Up to 280 songs from the most popular hymnals; we have nearly 30 hymnals available, and will make every effort to accommodate requests for other hymnals, if possible. Click here for our current Song Lists page for available hymns in each hymnal.

  • 100 piano/organ accompaniments

  • 100 instrumental background recordings

  • Custom folders containing songs listed with titles and page numbers from YOUR hymnal 

  • The m.a.c. offers an option for a Karaoke machine with many of your favorite Southern Gospel, Traditional and Contemporary songs available.

  • 2-in-1 convertible touchscreen laptop computer

  • Yamaha® sound technology delivering superior sound quality through a soundbar in the podium column and a wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement. The rich sound will have people looking to see who’s playing the piano.

  • Our available models and options will fit the budget and sound requirements of any church size. 

  • All models include FREE FedEx shipping or personal delivery.*

* Church Music Company reserves the right to determine whether or not personal delivery is feasible. 

We are always looking to make the m.a.c. better! It's our desire to offer the highest quality, and the latest technology possible, while still maintaining a price that most small churches can fit within their budget.

For more info and current pricing, please call us or fill out our contact form to receive a personal phone call from our staff.