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Q. Can I use the m.a.c. if I’m not that familiar with a computer?
A. Yes! The m.a.c. really is as easy to use as opening a hymnal. Within a few minutes of provided training, anyone can use the m.a.c.

Q. Can we play other music on the m.a.c.?
A. Yes! It's easy to download additional music onto a flash drive (thumb drive) and copy those selections directly to your music library through the USB ports on the laptop part of the m.a.c. Those same recordings can easily be stored on the spacious hard drive where they can be incorporated into any playlist or folder of songs for use anytime you use the m.a.c.

Q. We do not see some of our favorite hymns. Are there other hymns available?
A. Yes! The m.a.c. comes with a large selection of the most popular hymns from your favorite hymnal. Extra selections are available at an additional cost. Click here to access our
song lists.

Q. Is there a portable unit available? We want to use the m.a.c. for our Prison Ministry, and our Nursing Home Ministry. 
A. Yes! The m.a.c. is portable - it is lightweight, sturdy, and durable - it weighs less than 20 lbs! Ask about other options.

Q. Can I change the key or tempo of the hymns on the m.a.c.?
A. Yes! you can change the key - The standard m.a.c. comes with the software needed to change the key of any hymn to accommodate the desired vocal range. The tempo can be changed too!

Q. Can we run the sound from the m.a.c. through our existing sound system?
A. Yes! - however, the quality of the integrated wireless Yamaha® speakers is superior to most small church sound systems.

Q. Does the m.a.c. come with a warranty?
A. Yes! All components included in the m.a.c. system come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. Additional warranties may be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The music on the m.a.c. has a lifetime warranty.

Q. How many songs will the m.a.c. hold?
A. The hard drive on the m.a.c. will hold over 40,000 MP3 formatted accompaniments.

Q: How long will it take to get the m.a.c. installed in our church?
A: Delivery is usually within two (2) weeks from the day Church Music Company receives the initial order. Payment in full is required before shipping, or at the time of delivery.

Q: Do we have options on how we pay for our m.a.c.?

A: Yes! We accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal. At this time, we are not set up for monthly payments.

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