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Where Have All the Piano Players Gone?
The m.a.c. Story


Out of sight - out of mind. This is how many small churches feel. So we decided to do what friends do for each other. Listen and try to meet the need.

Musical Accompaniment for Church (m.a.c.) by Church Music Company, was born out of need. Traveling the southeastern United States during the 90s, and singing for many churches of different sizes and denominations, I noticed something. To my surprise, many of these churches were conducting their worship services entirely without music. Why? The answer was the same in church after church – they could not find or keep a piano player. The generation that spawned so many wonderful piano players is now becoming feeble and are rapidly moving on to their eternal destination, with very few of the younger generations being trained to replace them.

This really grieved me, because as a fourteen year old boy, it was music that drew me into a church, and was the vehicle God used to bring me to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I guess that's why God gave me a passion to fill this need for churches.

I tried to think of a way to provide piano accompaniment for church. Some churches were already using CDs and recorded hymns. Neither is user-friendly and both often result in errors that are disruptive. There just had to be a better way.

On several occasions I discussed this problem with my friends. One evening a friend said to me “You have been talking about this for three or four years, now. What are you going to do about it?” It was at that moment that God convicted my heart that it was time to start doing something. That night I had a dream and in that dream God said “I gave you a job and I'll show you what to do.”

I shared these thoughts with my Human Resources Director who was also a dear friend.


Arrangements were made in October 2004 for me to leave a 40-year career in the packaging industry to launch the full-time ministry that I call Church Music Company.

After 6 months of planning and recording, the first installation of Musical Accompaniment for Church (m.a.c.) was made in March of 2005. Today, m.a.c. is enhancing worship services with our specially recorded hymns in 42 states, 4 countries, and nearly 20 denominations.

And, learning to use the m.a.c. is as easy as opening a hymnal! Usually, within 5-10 minutes of training, our piano accompaniment music can be heard through a Yamaha® soundbar and subwoofer, making people wonder where the piano player is!

We constantly keep the style of the m.a.c. podium up to date with high quality components to offer our customers what any good friend would offer - a consistent helping hand in worship services, VBS, funerals, or on any occasion that piano accompaniment would normally be used.

To God be the glory!








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