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Since 2005, m.a.c. has been enhancing worship services all over America, and in three other countries, including 18 denominations!


Read what other people are saying about their m.a.c. purchase.

"My biggest worry about buying something electronic for our Worship was, well, let’s say I was a little apprehensive, that is until I decided to call Jerry and see if he was a man of his word. It turns out I had no reason to worry, he went over and way beyond to make sure we were 100% satisfied before he would sell the M.A.C. to our Church. Because I’m not the technical guy Jerry is I ended up calling him several times for what were complicated reasons to me but to him they were simple and he patiently answered all my questions and we now have professional quality music in our Church to praise and worship God like never before. If you can’t find a pianist for your Church call Jerry and you will be glad you did, it really works! Thank you so much Brother Jerry and Sister Kat."

PASTOR PHIL WYATT and our entire congregation


“Our small church purchase the M.A.C. a few months ago. We have enjoy having this system. Jerry is professional and is quick to respond with any question that we have asked."


"Our church, like many, was sadly faced with the dilemma of needing a piano player for worship services. Our long time pianist had unexpectedly passed away and we struggled to find a suitable replacement. We are a smaller church with an aging congregation and there were limited options available to us - but we wanted to continue to keep the music portion of our worship services at a high level. We were providentially (I believe with all my heart) led to Jerry and the Church Music Company. From our first conversation, we were confident that the MAC was exactly what we'd been looking and praying for! Jerry was so kind and courteous on the phone -- worked to thoroughly explain the system and all the options available to us and even offered to deliver the MAC himself! We were sold! Since our purchase, we haven't missed a beat in any of our services -- the MAC is so very easy to use and implement into your existing song and music service -- the church is so very pleased. Recently, we had a fellowship service on a Sunday evening and offered the chance for members to use the karaoke feature of the MAC -- what a time we had -- singing into the late night -- something that our church had NEVER done before! You will not be disappointed with the MAC -- and Jerry and Kat (Mrs. Jerry) are top-notch folks who clearly know and love the Lord. Their ministry is helping the local church and MAC does just that! Do yourself a favor -- take that burden off of your plate and call Jerry -- you will be happy you did!"



"As a small country church, we were experiencing what most small churches go through. No piano player. After searching several web sites, we found what we believe is the most well rounded sound system for the price. Our chief concern was how the m.a.c. was going to sound, especially in our church. Both young and old were pleasantly surprised by how rich the m.a.c. sounded. Not like a boom-box. Like a very nice stereo system only easier to use. If you can point and click, you can operate the m.a.c. Talk about changing the tempo of a Sunday morning. We even added some of our favorite contemporary artists for our Youth Program, and are adding more songs in preparation of V.B.S. We are now truly making a joyful noise. We are blessed to have a wonderful pianist now but still use our m.a.c. on days she can't be with us. She is even impressed by our new sound system! If you are growing tired of singing a capella, or that awkward silence while changing tapes or CD's, call Jerry like we did. We now consider Jerry and his wife Kat part of our church family."



"Our church just purchased this amazing system. We are a very small, traditional church. Before we had this, I had to play the piano every Sunday...and I’m not very good😔. This system is easy to use; it allows me to lead congregational singing and has resulted in much more enthusiastic worship at our little church. The customer service is outstanding. Jerry responds immediately to any questions we have and has gone out of his way to make sure we are happy. This system was worth every penny! I'm so thankful we came across it and our church leaders decided to invest in making our worship richer and more satisfying to everyone!"


“This machine was a Godsend for our small church. We didn’t have a piano player and were singing a capella. We were able to purchase this affordable machine and improve and expand our music worship.

The machine is user friendly, the variety and volume of songs are amazing and customer service is exceptional."

“The music quality is excellent! We have enjoyed and received compliments from the Church members. It is a must for a congregation to have godly music. We have ordered other music that didn't touch the quality Bro. Jerry provided. The day we received the m.a.c., we were using it with in 10 minutes! I hope this is helpful to you as you make your purchase."

"Our Quartet was struggling to bring a sound system to nursing homes that would allow for us to join in rousing sing-a-longs. Fumbling with CD accompaniments that we had to have recorded for us, fumbling getting everyone on page with the song sheets and dealing with an under-powered sound system did not lead to an enthusiastic session. Consultations with some of the sound experts did not bring any solutions. Thanks to the expertise and generous support of Jerry Morris of M.A.C we are looking forward to having the hymns with their words available and having a portable solution with enough volume to encourage and support the singing."



"Our small church in North Carolina purchased two of the mac systems and I must tell you they are a real blessing to our church, what a difference it makes to have piano accompaniment that sounds like a real person is sitting at the piano playing for the congregation. This is a great system and so needed among smaller congregation. I recommend them whole heartedly to you if you need a piano player but don't have one this really is the next best thing to having a real person there. We tried everything before we found the mac system and it is the best. Give it a try and you will know what I am talking about."

"We purchased a music system from jerry morris with church music company as we lost our piano player due to a dread disease and could not find another person to play piano. jerry and kat came to our church to install the system and show us how to operate it. it is a great system with great great sound. i would reccomend this system to everyone . it is easy to operate and sounds just like someone is playing the piano. it has been such a blessing."



"I bought a system from church music co. about 8 years ago. In dealing with Jerry he has always gone the extra mile, and always returned my calls and helped any way he could.. if you need a piano player his system really works."



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